ALL About AOL Computer Checkup Lite

AOL Computer Checkup LiteAOL Computer Checkup Lite is here for you so that you can diagnose what are the programs that are slowing down your Computer. What’s AOL Computer Checkup Lite does is it first conducts a data backup so that you will not lose your important data then it scans your PC registry for the malicious files and folders, it also helps you to restore all the data that you have lost in the past. You can download AOL Computer Checkup Lite by going to its web page. After downloading it you have to install it by following some easy steps.

With the help of AOL Checkup Lite, you can find out that how you can get rid of the junk and clutter that is slowing down your PC.

The three main features that you will get with AOL Computer Checkup Lite are:-

  • Security:

It helps to find and remove the cookies from your browser so that your history will be safe.

  • Clean:

It cleans up your browser’s cache and cookies so that your PC will not slow down.

  • Optimize:

Removes the fragmentation to help increase system performance.

What to do after installing AOL Checkup Lite:

After the installation, you will see a message on your screen saying Start one-click checkup. Just give a click on that and AOL Checkup Lite will start scanning your computer files. After all the scanning it will provide you a detailed report on the errors. These errors are might be the ones which are slowing down your PC.

In the end, you have to give a click on optimize. After clicking on optimize you have to wait for sometimes until your PC gets optimized and run more smoothly and quickly.

If you are facing any issues while downloading or using AOL Checkup Lite then you can simply call on the toll-free number +1-800-596-2947. This number is toll-free and you don’t have to waste your single penny for calling. Call Now and get your issues resolved by the highly qualified team of experts. AOL Computer Checkup Lite support number is available 24*7.

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