Read About AOL Data Security!

AOL data securityAccording to the statistics given by AOL, in 2014 above 40% of US personnel had their data being exposed by hackers. Every passing year these threats are increasing; which is risking the security of your online data; like your passwords and other personal information. Therefore, AOL Data Security team is continuously working towards improving the security and protect the online data.

AOL Data Security

AOL in collaboration with best data security businesses like McAfee is all set to give the multi-access, and it will also going to provide the best and high level of security for your sensitive data. Data Secure by AOL works on 4 top-tier processes which work together to help to keep your personal data secure and safe in your devices.

AOL Data Security 4-tire process involves:

  • Virus and Malware Prevention
  • Public Wi-Fi Security
  • Personal Data Safety
  • Document and File Protection

How It Works

Hacking and targeting personal data and websites are increasing day by day. Your personal data and information are not safe anymore. AOL is working from the last 30 years understanding the different aspects by which it can provide the best security to their users and protect their data online. AOL  is offering best solutions to give you more security and peace of mind.

This is how AOL Helps Save your Data:

Viruses and Malware

They understand and work deeply to keep your online and sensitive data secured from being attacked by viruses and malicious software. Every time you access your data online it increases the tendency of being attacked by some virus and malware which reads your data and hack your personal information. With AOL Data Security, you can have a high level of security from such viruses and malware.


Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day. Every day many cases are arising in a different corner of the world. Whether you are accessing your accounts online, making online payments, Paying cash via cards or simply doing other activities these type of activities can put you at high risk of Cyber Crime. With AOL security you can use any online payment mode safely without worrying about being forged.

Zero Day Threats

You might not know this, but your home address and other personal information can put you at high risk of being scammed. You can be easily targetted and your personal data can be hacked based on the information available on your web and through your home address.


Hackers can track your information using your keystrokes and monitor your online activities. It gives them all the data about the passwords you might have typed and other personal information that you enter using your Keyboard.

With Data Security By AOL, you can prevent and secure your data at 360-angle.

  • It provides protection across various devices that you use, like your laptop, PC, Mobile or tablet. It gives you all round protection.
  • Provides high security whenever you are using public WIFI, you can access any of your data and do any payments securely even using public wifi.
  • It gives you enhanced security against viruses and malware attacks.

AOL Data Security gives you the real-time protection. You can have worry-free access to your personal information anytime anywhere. With AOL you can get the real-time security that will protect your sensitive data all time.

If you are facing some issues regarding AOL or online security of your data then it’s been suggested that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Call AOL Professional Executives anytime at their toll-free number +1-800-596-2947. For us, your personal data security is very important as this is our fight against scammers and hackers. Therefore AOL Experts are always available to give you free assistance and support to keep your data safe and have tension free online access to your data. Call us anytime to talk to AOL Customer Support and get all your issues sorted.

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