AOL Shield Pro Browser Support

AOL Shield Pro BrowserAOL Shield Pro Browser gives the best security features against Keyloggers, Screenshot grabbers and phishing websites. Google Chrome structural based AOL Shield Web Browser provides you the advanced support and security features. With AOL Shield you need not worry about online threats. You can fearlessly access your shopping, banking, social media and all other stuff without worrying about being forged.

AOL Shield Pro comes with key features like Anti Keylogger, Screengrab protection, Block Scam Websites, and it has similar functionalities like Chrome. It supports many frameworks, apps, extensions, and theme just like Chrome.

Customising your AOL Shield Pro Browser

With AOL Shield Pro Browser you can carry out various extensions and you can also customize your own settings according to your needs and requirements. It is very simple to understand and to work with. With AOL Shield browser you will be able to take up your work efficiently and securely.

  • You can customize your AOL Shield Pro Browser
  • Can make it your default browser
  • Set up your homepage
  • Run chrome extensions, apps, and much more
  • Set it on your start menu and taskbar

There are many features that you can get benefit from. The major benefits of AOL Web Browser is that it provides the best security against many online frauds and hackers, it gives you the freedom to do all your work securely, make payments safely, keep your passwords and accounts safe, and to have safe access to all your information.

AOL Shield Pro Customer Service Number

To get instant help and support regarding any query or issues you can always turn towards the experts. They understand the issue and know the best and easy solutions to solve them within few minutes. To reach out AOL experts you can contact on AOL Shield Pro Customer Service Number +1-800-596-2947, and get the genuine solutions to your problems. Our experts are available 24*7 for you. They understand every problem very deeply and gives out the solutions that will not only solve the issue but also it will prevent you from any future hindrance.

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