About Garmin GPS In today’s tech-dependent world, GPS is the most required and widely used technology. It is found in Drones, airplanes, automobiles, Mobiles and now even on Dog collars….

Setup Garmin GPS

About Garmin GPS

Setup Garmin GPS

In today’s tech-dependent world, GPS is the most required and widely used technology. It is found in Drones, airplanes, automobiles, Mobiles and now even on Dog collars. Handheld Garmin GPS devices are the extremely valuable outdoor tool for the country explorer, bikers, hikers etc. It helps to get the accurate geo-location and the information regarding your whereabouts and about the destination you want to reach. Moreover, it will show you the condition of the road ahead so that your time and any accidents can be prevented. In this article, you will learn about how you can Setup Garmin GPS, keep reading to know more.

Steps to Setup Garmin GPS

There is a total of three-phase to set up your Garmin GPS: Before Trip Settings, Satellite Settings, and Start-Up Routine Settings. Each of these settings has been discussed below, read carefully:

  1. Before-trip Settings

To customize your Garmin GPS device, the setup menu offers some options like Position format, Map Datum, Map Spheroid. You can though start without bothering about some of these settings. All you need to consider is ‘Position Format Menu’ which will allow you to set up both position format and Map Datum.

Position Format

The Garmin GPS displays various coordinates in a lot of systems. So, depending on your convenience you can change these settings to whichever system you like. While setting up your route you need to choose the same system. When you will change the settings, your Garmin GPS device will convert all your information to match your current setting.

Map Datum

The Datum you set for your GPS device should be exactly same as that of your Topographic Map’s Datum or any other location information that you are using otherwise it will show the wrong location in your Map. Datum basically shows the geographic location when you set the map.

#Note: If you are struggling with updating the Garmin GPS Map, just check out these simple steps on “How to update Garmin GPS Map“.

  1. Satellite Settings:

GPS works in a coordinate to the signals it fetches from satellites. Many GPS devices these days fetch signals from Russian GLONASS satellites which are known to produce more precise and accurate signals. These are more reliable because they can show the obstacles ahead of the route so that the un-informed damage could be prevented.

Initiate the Satellite Calibration

To get it started you just need to go out and start your device, wait till it fetches the satellite signals. Once it’s done, it will automatically locate the satellite signals as you start your journey. If you turn off your device and start it after some time it will again be needed some time to acquire the satellite signals.

If you are traveling under dense trees or if your GPS signal gets blocked, you need to reach a place where the sky is clear. The device will again take a few minutes to reconnect with the satellite.

It is been suggested if you are hiking your device shouldn’t be under pockets or backpack. This might block the signals. Just carry the device in your hand or in strap pocket.

  1. Start-up Settings

In this step, you would follow steps every time you are at a trailhead. This route will vary based on the GPS features. Make sure it must include the following:

  1. Acquire Satellite
  2. Reset your trip data
  3. Clear Track Log
  4. Set a waypoint at a trailhead
  5. Calibrate Compass
  6. Calibrate Compass

#NOTE: Learn easy ways to use Garmin GPS Edge 810 device

Contact Garmin GPS Helpline Number

Though Calibration instructions will be given in your unit itself, still, if you are facing any issue while setup Garmin GPS, then you can contact Garmin GPS helpline number +1-800-596-2947 (toll-free). The Garmin technicians will help you solve your issues within just a few minutes. They are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have deep knowledge about every issue that a user might face. Call now t get free assistance.

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