Outlook Office365 Errors Troubleshoot If anyone is dealing with the trouble while accessing their Outlook Office365 Account then read this article and get the most genuine solutions for Outlook Office365…

Outlook Office365 Errors

Outlook Office365 Errors Troubleshoot

Outlook Office365 Errors

If anyone is dealing with the trouble while accessing their Outlook Office365 Account then read this article and get the most genuine solutions for Outlook Office365 Errors, you can carry out yourself and get your issues sorted on your own.

Here are some of the Errors that you might face while opening Outlook Office365 Account.

Error: “The action cannot be completed”. “The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.” ” Out is online or connected to complete this action”

While opening Outlook, sometimes you receive this error on your Windows. These are the most common errors that you might get while you attempt to open Outlook. This error occurs when you try to use the same email address as you had set up previously on same Outlook Client. When you are using the same Email address on your Work-space Email and you try to switch to Outlook Office365 with same Email Address then you get this error message.

To resolve this issue here are the steps that you need to follow, but make sure that you get through all the steps carefully and you regularly check if the Outlook is working normally after every step.

Steps to resolve Outlook Office365 Errors:

Step 1: Restart Your System

When you get this Outlook Office365 Errors you need to close all the programs that are running on your computer and restart your system. After this try to open Outlook and check whether it’s functioning normally. If the Outlook is not working properly, follow the next step.

Step 2: Check Windows Credential Manager:

Outdated Windows credentials or sometimes credentials are not compatible with Outlook Office365. If you check your credentials and you remove incompatible windows credentials then, it might help you in solving the Outlook Office365 Errors and smooth-out your working with Outlook account. And to know how to get it done, here are the steps that you need to follow to remove all incompatible Windows credentials:

If you are having the issue accessing your Outlook Office365 Account, this can be due to an incompatibility of Windows Credential Manager. To remove them follow the following steps:

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook
  2. Click on “Start Menu” and go to “Control Panel
  3. Click “User Account
  4. Go to “Credential Manager
  5. Now under “Windows Credential” or “Generic Credential”, remove credentials that are referencing to the Office365 or MS Outlook
  6. Close “Control Panel”
  7. Restart Your Outlook, and it will start functioning normally.

Step 3: Reset Your Password:

Using wrong Login details can sometimes cause the error with Office 365. If you have forgotten your email or password, you can reset it. resetting account details and password can help you to solve the Outlook Office365 Error and you will be able to access your account without any interruption. To reset your password or Email please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Click on “Dashboard” in your Office365 Account.
  2. Select your desired Email Address from “User
  3. Click “Password” under “Manage” option
  4. Enter the following credentials to make changes to your Outlook Office365 Account
  • Enter “New Password” and re-enter the password to confirm it in the respective fields.
  • Or you can generate the temporary password to access your Office365 account. To generate the temporary password Click “Generate Temporary Password” and Enter the “Email Address”. You will get the temporary password in your Email and by using that password you can access your account and from there you will be prompted to “Change Your Password” panel so that you can change your password and have permanent access to your account.
  • Click “Save” and you are good to use your Outlook Office365 Account normally.

Resetting your account or your password can let you start fresh and any issue that is blocking the smooth accessing of your Outlook Account. Sometimes to get rid of unknown Outlook Email Office365 Errors, making some changes to your account and other settings can generally be helpful. Therefore, if you are dealing with Outlook Office365 Errors, making some relevant changes to your account is very important.

Step 4: Create A New Outlook Profile:

Creating a new account can let you get rid of these common Outlook Office365 Errors. All you need is to create a new account, here you will get to know how to create and what changes you need to make from letting these “Outlook Office365 Errors”. To create a new Outlook profile, make sure you have closed the outlook. Then you can create a new Outlook Office365 Account via Control Panel. To create the accounts follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Exit Outlook and do any one of the following steps:
  • Click Start > Control Panel > Mail


  • Click “Start” and in the “Search Programs and Files”, Enter “Control Panel” and go to “Mail”.


  • Go to “Control Panel”, in “search Box” type “Mail

2. Click “Show Profiles” > “Add

3. Enter the name of the profile in the “Profile Name” Box

4. Click “OK

If you wish, you can add more mail accounts to your profile. Or you can optimize your account’s data files. Here’s how you can change your account, their settings, and data storage option for your accounts or profiles:

  • Exist “Outlook”
  • Go to Control-Panel
  • Click “Mail”
  • Do one of the following things:
  • To Add An Email Account, Click Email Accounts.
  • Click “Data Files” to change data storage option for Outlook.
  • Click “Show Profiles” To see all the current profiles.

Step 5: Test Your Connectivity of Outlook with the Server

Sometimes the poor connection to your server or internet can cause the Error, therefore, its recommended to check the connectivity and make sure your connections are stable. To test the connectivity of Outlook follows the following steps:

  • In your taskbar below, click the small pyramid-like arrow, it will open all the hidden icons. Here you will get the Outlook icon.
  • Now hold “CTRL Key” and right click on the Outlook systray Icon.
  • You will find “Connection Status” option here, click on it and you will get the status.

If you are not getting how to do the connectivity check of your Outlook with the server, then you can contact Outlook Support Number +1-800-596-2947, anytime for free assistance. they will guide you step by step that how you need to get things done and how to solve the raised error. They are extremely knowledgeable professionals who have deep knowledge of Outlook software and account issues. They will help you to solve Outlook Office365 Errors, so you can have easy and smooth access to your Accounts. Or if this Step didn’t serve the purpose of your issue then try out these below-mentioned steps so to troubleshoot your issue.

Step 6: Disable your Firewall Settings:

Firewall sometimes block the connections as per the security and safety reasons, it might be beneficial sometimes to protect your system from getting affected with malware websites or web pages, but sometimes it affects the connectivity and that in return affect many websites or WebPages from being accessed. Therefore it’s been recommended to disable the Firewall settings temporarily if it’s causing the error.

Step 7: Set Up Your Outlook Manually:

First of all, you must run the Autodiscover to run troubleshoot the cause that is causing the outlook Office365 Error but if the Autodiscover fails, then, you must do it manually. To know how to do it manually go through the following process:

  • Click “Start
  • Go To “Control Panel
  • Open “Mail (32-bit)
  • Click “Show Profiles
  • Click “ADD
  • Enter the new “profile’s name” in the Profile Name Column and click “OK
  • Here select “Manual Setup or additional server types” and then “Next
  • Go to “Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible Services”
  • Click “Next
  • Now fill up the following fields:
  • In “Server” field enter “outlook.office365.com”
  • In the field of “username” enter your full Office365 Email address.
  • This last field “use cached exchange mode” is optional, to keep your email accessible even if the Outlook is offline then “check mark” this field.
  • Click on “More Settings”
  • Now go to the “Security” tab, and fill out the following tabs:
  • “Encrypt data between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft exchange” remove the “check mark” on this option.
  • Deselect” “Always prompt for login credentials“
  • In the field of “Login Network Security”, select “anonymous authentication
  • Click “Connection Tab
  • Check Mark” Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  • Click “Exchange Proxy Settings
  • You will get some options or tabs you need to fill them up with the following details:
  • In the field, “Use this URL to my proxy Server for Exchange” type “outlook.office365.com”
  • “Check Mark” the option “Connect Using SSL Only”.
  • Select the option “only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate” and type “msstd:outlook.com”
  • Now Select the option “On fast networks, connect using TCP/IP”
  • Again Select “On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, and then connect using TCP/IP.
  • Choose “Basic Authentication” under the option “Use this authentication when connecting to my proxy server for Exchange”
  • Click “OK
  • You will find “Microsoft Exchange”, Click “OK
  • Below the window, you will find “Add Account” option, Click “Next
  • You will see “windows security” window, here enter your office365 email address and passwords
  • Click “check” in the box “Remember my credentials” and then “OK”.
  • Now click “Finish
  • Underneath the screen, you will find “Mail” Window; do one of the following things:
  • Select “Prompt for a profile to be used” if you want Outlook to ask you to select the profile you want to use, every time it starts.
  • You can select “Always Use this Profile” if you want Outlook to open a selected profile, be sure to select the right profile here.
  • And lastly, Click “OK” and you are done.

Now you have done with setting up your profile manually. Your Outlook Office365 Errors must be sorted. If you restart your Outlook account, it must be functioning well, but due to some reasons it still shows you an Error, then it’s better to take some professional help. Do not worry you need not to go out, take a day off and find a technician to get your problem sorted, you can contact Outlook Experts at just one call and ask for free assistance in sorting your problem out. Outlook professional technicians know and understand your problem to the core and give you the best possible solutions and help you get rid of the issue permanently. They have helped over a million people all around the world.

To contact Outlook Support Number you can dial the toll-free number, +1-800-596-2947 anytime. They are available 24*7 to help the people and let them have smooth working with all Outlook accounts.

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