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Charter Spectrum Customer Service

Charter Spectrum Customer Services is dedicated to keeping its customers online, in touch and entertained around the clock, seven days a week. The company is one of the leading providers of Internet, cable TV and telephone in the US and is responsible for services and products to over 26 million customers in 41 states. And with responsibility comes accountability, which is why Charter Spectrum’s customer support counts to the very best in the country.

Whether you want to know how to program your remote, how to connect your gadgets to the Internet, manage the calling features for your voicemail, or simply want to change your billing information, Charter Spectrum customer service is here to help.

Charter Spectrum TV

With more high definition channels than any other provider, Spectrum TV offers free HD channels, 10,000+ On Demand choices, TV on-the-go, access to the Spectrum TV app, and free Primetime On Demand.

Charter Spectrum also allows you to automatically record your favorite shows, episodes or complete seasons and lets you watch them when you want. Plus you can take advantage of Charter Spectrum’s ultra-realistic 3D TV, with a picture so immersive it leaps off the screen.

Having trouble with your TV? Charter Spectrum customer service can help with:

  • Manage Remote DVR
  • Spectrum Storm Center Outage Information
  • Information About Cable CARDS
  • DVR Troubleshooting
  • Spectrum Receiver Setup
  • HDTV Troubleshooting
  • Refresh Your Spectrum Receiver
  • TV Troubleshooting
  • Rebooting Spectrum Receiver
  • Video/Audio Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Remote Control
  • Setup Xbox One WiFi Connection
  • Assistance with SpectrumTV.com
  • Smart TV WiFi Connections

Charter Spectrum Internet

Charter Spectrum’s Internet service comes with the fastest Internet speeds, a security suite complete with effective virus protection and no data limits. Plus, you get a free modem too. Stream videos, upload photos, play games online and download music with enough bandwidth to accommodate all your devices without losing performance. Charter Spectrum doesn’t throttle your connection speeds or cap your data, which means the whole family can enjoy the Internet at the same time.

Internet problems? Call Charter Spectrum Customer Support for assistance with:
  • Setting Up Cable Wifi
  • Help with Wifi Router
  • Reset Your Internet Modem
  • Troubleshooting In-Home Wifi
  • View Wifi Network Name and Password Online
  • Repair Your Windows IP Address
  • Clear Temporary Files
  • Remove Cookies
  • Delete Browser History
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Internet Speeds
  • Applying Security Settings
  • Help Removing Viruses
  • Securing Email Accounts
Charter Spectrum Voice

The Charter Spectrum Voice service offers not only unlimited local and long distance talk; it also includes over 18 of the most popular phone features available today. But that’s not all, private listings, readable voicemail, free 411 assistance, and all without any added fees or extra charges.

The trouble with your Voice Services?

Get in touch with Charter Spectrum customer service for help with any number of issues:

  • Problems with Spectrum Voice Features
  • Help with Voicemail
  • Usage and Call Details
  • Block Telemarketers and Robo-Callers
  • Battery Backup Assistance
  • Phone Modem Problems
  • Help with Spectrum Voice Equipment
  • Assistance Placing International and Domestic Calls
  • Information on Spectrum Voice International Calling Plans
  • Spectrum’s 250 Worldwide Calling Plan
  • Ordering and Installing Spectrum Voice
  • Help Reset Your Phone Modem
  • Washington Area Code Overlay
  • General Voice Troubleshooting

Charter Spectrum Customer Service: Always Just a Phonecall Away

You can call Charter Spectrum Customer Service any time of the day or night. Seven days a week, including holidays. The friendly and competent staff are waiting to give you all the help you need with their services and products. Rest assured a quick and easy solution is waiting for you at +1-800-596-2947, whether your issue is urgent or simply irritating. Charter Spectrum knows how to help and they help with a smile.

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