Know About ID Protection AOL

ID Protection AOLAOL brings the most advanced protection and online security so that you can have the secured access to all your personal information. AOL has been working on providing online security for over 30 years now. As the online threats have been increasing day by day, so does our security systems need to be updated and modified regularly. One single identity solution is not enough. ID protection AOL has been developed to give all the online users a better and more secure platform to access their data freely, online as well as offline.

What is ID Protection AOL?

Well, to make it more simple to understand the ID Protection we explain its services like Identity theft alert, online monitoring, secured password manager and Data Removal. Identity protection comprises of these major components that help you to have safe and secure access to your personal data online as well as offline.

AOL One Point

It lets you to safely secure all your passwords online for your favorite websites. So whenever you visit those websites again you can access them with just one click. Your passwords will be secured with the secure password manager. You need not summarize and retype your password to your personal favorite websites.


With LifeLock protection, you will get comprehensive identity theft protection alert whenever it will detect some suspicious activity. Whenever it will sense something unusual it will directly send you the confirmation email regarding the activity. It will ask you whether it is you who has made those changes or not, and if it’s not you then it allows you to restore your identity and make genuine and required changes to your account. AOL Lifelock security helps you to restore your identity and make the required changes to your data to keep it secure for future.

My Privacy

Keep full track of your photos, videos and other personal blog or information that has any reference to you; so that it can stop search database from exposing it online.

My Reputation

My reputation gives around the clock protection, even when you are not using online access to your accounts and data. It provides 24-hour monitoring and protection to your addresses, phone numbers, and all the other personal information.

ID Protection AOL protects your data and personal information from being misused by any hacker or other online frauds. It protects you from Credit Card Frauds, Vulnerable passwords, Identity frauds, negative online posts.

Manage all your data and services from your own personalized AOL Dashboard, get your personalized AOL dashboard which comprises of security check platforms to give the best security for your identities, finances, credits and good names.

To get help with any query and issues related to AOL Id Protection, contact AOL Helpline at +1-800-596-2947. AOL Executives are fully knowledgeable and know all genuine solution to all your issues, they will guide you and assist you free of cost. So if you are facing any issue feel free to contact AOL Id Protection Helpline Number.

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