Learn About the Latest Improvements to Windows 10

A lot has been improved on Windows 10 since the most recent Creators update back in April 2017. Read below to find out what Microsoft has changed, added and modified to keep their latest OS cutting-edge competitive and a whole lot of fun to use. If you’d like to learn even more then call the Microsoft Tech Support Number and get the real skinny on every improvement Microsoft has made on Windows 10.

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  1. Automated Updates

This first improvement should make a lot of people very happy. Microsoft has finally changed the way it sends out its automatic updates. Now, Windows 10 Home users can set up to an 18-hour ‘active’ time frame where Windows will not update. Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise users can also defer updates for up to 35 days.

               2. Start Menu Folders

You can now create start menu folders to group multiple app tiles together instead of having them all separate. This lets users add more programs to the start menu without cluttering things up too much.

               3. Night Light Mode

The night light mode can be found in SETTINGS, SYSTEM, then open the display tab. The improvement lets you change the color temperature of your screen so your computer screen won’t disrupt your sleep schedule.

               4. Storage Sense

This feature will clear out temporary files that it detects are not in use, and will automatically delete files from your recycle bin that are older than 30 days.

               5. Gaming Features

If you go to SETTINGS you’ll now see a new tile with the Xbox logo for GAMING. A lot of the features here existed already, but now you’ll find them more accessible. Also, you can now disable them if they affect performance.

                        6. Paint 3D

This new feature is kind of like a 3D version of MS Paint in that it is meant to be very simple to use and allows you to create the 3-dimensional scene–a cool feature for anyone who just wants to mess around and have some fun.

                7. Improved Privacy Options

Microsoft has made Windows privacy options more up front and easier to understand. A new pop up window asks which privacy settings you’d like to enable or disable.

                8. Mixed reality Portal

Microsoft is working with developers to create virtual reality headsets they’re calling ‘Mixed Reality’ which allows users to create a virtual 3D environment for Windows. The Mixed Reality Portal runs an emulator that lets you do this now, even though the headsets are not yet available.

                9. Troubleshooters

An entirely new menu for figuring out issues with your computer is known as troubleshooters. Go to SETTINGS, UPDATE & SECURITY, then TROUBLESHOOT. Here you’ll find all sorts of options for common issues, and suggestions for how to fix them.

               10. Dynamic Lock

This is a very similar feature to what you can find on phones these days. Your Windows 10 computer will now automatically lock if you move physically too far away from it—a neat feature for people who constantly forget to lock their computer.

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