Introduction and Guide to Microsoft Outlook Setup

If you’re new to Outlook and are having trouble setting up your email account then help is at hand. In this article we’ll introduce you to software, explain how it works and show you how to complete your outlook setup within a few simple steps.

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#1. Microsoft Outlook is a software used to open and send emails, make and organize your agenda, and also save your email contacts. Before starting with Outlook, you first need to connect at least one email account. You can do this through the dialog box that appears when you open Outlook for the first time. Insert your name, your email address, and the password associated with it.

#2. When you click on NEXT, Outlook will retrieve all the settings and addresses of your email for you. When the process finishes, Outlook opens the email account you just created. You can also connect more email accounts to Outlook, so you can read them all in one place.

#3. Go to FILE and then to ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Under the first tab, you will find all email accounts that are already linked to Outlook. To add further accounts click on NEW and repeat the steps. Use CHANGE to edit the settings for the selected email account, or use REMOVE to delete an account.


By default, Outlook shows the email workspace used to read, send and manage all messages from your linked email accounts. This workspace is composed of different parts. On the left, you have the FOLDER PANEL. This lists all your linked email accounts and all their respective folders. In the CENTER PANEL, you can see all the messages contained inside the selected folder on the left. On the right, you have the READING PANEL, which you can use to read the selected email from the previous panel.

#5. The folders shown are the DEFAULT folders. INBOX contains all received messages and shows all unread emails in blue. The DRAFT folder stores emails you have composed but not sent. The SENT shows all the emails you have sent, and the TRASH and SPAM folders all emails that have been deleted.

#6. Outlook lets you create, rename and organize your folders by going to the FOLDERS tab on top of the page, (just remember that these folders will only exist in your Outlook list, and not in the original email server) drag and drop an email to a folder on the left to move there. Also, remember to refresh your email list by going to the SEND/RECEIVE tab and clicking on the first icon.

#7. You can organize your Outlook workspace however you like, by opening the VIEW tab on top. For example, you can sort your emails by date, senders, receivers, or size by selecting from the ARRANGEMENT section. You can also arrange the panels to different sizes and positions by going to the LAYOUT tab.

#8. If you wish to delete an email, hover your mouse over it and click on the Red cross icon that appears on the extreme right, or you can flag it by clicking on the red icon flag. This icon is very useful to indicate that action needs to be taken.

Once you have done all this you are good and ready to go.

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